Playdex partnerships strive to set a more robust social connection and promote communication and exchange between games and communities–in and out of their current scope. We hope that by establishing this partnership, we can bring additional volume to games and provide localization to the market in Southeast Asia.

A partnership with Plauydex provides your company with following:

Partnership Announcement

  • To kick off our partnership, PR on our partnership announcement is posted on Playdex Medium and Socials.

Playdex Game Hub

  • Your game's basic details and reviews are on the Playdex Game Hub. This will be updated with reviews and new information as your game and our partnership develop.

Game News Channel

  • Dedicated channel in the server to keep our 20,000+ community members stay up to date with the latest news on your game!

Playdex News

  • News on your game will be covered in our daily Playdex News. If you have exciting news that you want us to include, you can send it to us so we can publish it.

Community Engagement

  • Waitlist Launch on Playdex Game Hub.

Community Activity

  • Activity to introduce your game's gameplay to our community. This may come in a form or a quiz or an activity that you prefer.

Game Spotlight Stream

  • Game live streaming by one of our streamer affiliates highlighting your game's gameplay and other details needed to be highlighted. Giveaways help with engagement in stream.

AMA Session

  • AMA with Playdex and your founders.


Week 1Waitlist Reminder
Week 2AMA Session
Waitlist Launch
Week 3Community Quiz
Week 4Game Spotlight

The Waitlist Reminder is a notification to existing members to check their status and make sure they’re on the waitlist.

The AMA Session is an online question and answer session with Playdex and your founders. This will give the community a chance to ask questions and get an understanding of the event’s focus and purpose.

The Waitlist Launch is when we open the waitlist to our members.

The Community Quiz is an opportunity for our communities to test their knowledge and have a chance to win prizes.

Finally, the Game Spotlight is a chance for the community to view your game through the lens of our streamers.


Video Content

  • Playdex affiliates to stream and create content about your game showcasing its gameplay.

Video Series

  • Short shareable video content for your game:
    • First Look
    • Gameplay Deep Dive
    • Earning Mechanism
    • Tips & Tricks

Game Reviews and Feedback

  • Weekly reviews and detailed feedback coming from Playdex users will be live on our game hub.