Playdex Leaderboards Integration Guide

4 Easy steps for integrating with Playdex Leaderboards

  1. Prepare content for publishing on Playdex
  2. Request for API key
  3. Integrate your backend with our API
  4. Send rewards for winners

Prepare content for publishing on Testnet Playdex

TitleThe title should be clear, concise, and relevant to the tournament.
DescriptionThe description should provide a brief overview of the tournament, including the game being played, the format, and any special rules or requirements.

The description should also highlight the prize pool and any other incentives for participating.
Registration end dateThe registration end date and time should be clearly stated in the content and should include the time zone.
Tournament start dateThe tournament start date and time should be clearly stated in the content and must include timezone
Tournament end dateThe tournament end date and time should be clearly stated in the content and must include timezone
Prize pool descriptionThe prize pool description should provide details on the prizes that will be awarded to the winners.

Prize pool information shall include total value of the prize pool, the prize breakdown for winners as well as how the prizes will be distributed.
Tournament Card image The card image should be a high-quality image that represents the tournament.
It should be in a 1168 x 260px aspect ratio.
Tournament Banner imageThe banner image should be a high-quality image that represents the tournament.
It should be in a 1584 x 640px aspect ratio.
RulesIf the tournament has specific gameplay mechanics or rules, these should be included in the content.

The registration instruction should provide a clear and concise set of steps that players can follow to register for the tournament.

It should include any requirements or restrictions for registration, as well as any deadlines.
How to PlayHow-to tutorials for the game so they can play, rank up and win!

Overall, the content should be well-organized, easy to read and understand, and visually appealing. It should provide all the necessary information for players to participate in the tournament and should be free from any errors or inaccuracies.

Request for API key

Launch your competion with us

Please contact us to generate API keys for both the testnet and mainnet. Kindly ensure that you provide all required information for publishing the tournament.

Please contact Playdex dev team to generate API keys for testnet and mainnet, we will be providing details within 24 hrs!

Integrate your backend with our API

To get started with the API, you will need to prepare data for ranking and send it to our API in the suggested format.

The table below shows the required and optional fields you can include in the data you send to our API:

API Data FieldsXXDescriptionSample Value
positionrequiredrepresents the player's rank on the leaderboard
walletrequiredshows how much virtual currency the player has
scorerequiredrepresents the player's score in the game, if you need more data to reflect any other needed data we can easily add them
player:optional a nested object that includes the player's name and profile image

name: the player's name
profile image: a URL to the player's profile image
new fieldsoptionalyou can easily add new fields to the ranking.

Please check our dev recipe for more information.

Data Format

You can easily customize the data that you are sending to us. We support a flexible format of data and can easily adapt our backend and frontend to solve different use cases. When sending data to our API, please ensure that it is in JSON format. Example of data structure provided in recipe below.

Update Frequency

We recommend that you update the data you send to our API every 3-5 minutes for optimal performance.


In some cases, you may need to support different use cases for filtering data on your backend to organize strategy for participating in tournaments. Here are some examples of filters you might use:

  • only users with wallet can participate in tournament
  • only users who registered with exact referral code can participate in tournaments

Dev recipe for integrations with different examples of data

Launch on production


We are preparing for the launch in March 2023



We are building new rewards system right now -- please reach us if you want to know anything!

User guide

The example of view tournament and leaderboard data

The example of view tournament and leaderboard data


Showing all tournament related information

  • This feature allows users to view all relevant information about a tournament in one place. Users can view the tournament's title, description, and a link to the game being played.
  • Users can also view a banner that represents the tournament, as well as its status (e.g., registration open, in progress, or finished).
  • The date of the tournament's start and finish is also displayed, along with the prize pool that participants can win.

Leaderboard data table

  • This feature shows a leaderboard with all the participants in the tournament. The leaderboard is paginated, allowing users to easily navigate through the list of participants.
  • The data table also shows stats such as the participant's ranking, total points, and any other relevant information about their performance in the tournament.
  • Users can search for a participant by their wallet address or name to quickly find them in the leaderboard.
  • The current user's position in the leaderboard is highlighted, allowing them to easily track their progress and performance in the tournament.

Overall, these features make it easy for users to stay up-to-date with all the relevant information about a tournament and track their progress in the leaderboard.