About Tournaments & Leaderboards

Playdex's Tournaments & Leaderboards feature is designed to enhance user engagement and provide a more competitive gaming experience for game developers and users. By offering customized tournament settings, advanced analytics, and user engagement tools, we help game developers create exciting and rewarding tournaments that keep users coming back for more.

Why Use Tournaments & Leaderboards?

Tournaments & Leaderboards are a proven way to increase user engagement and create a more competitive gaming experience. By creating tournaments, game developers can encourage users to play more and improve their skills, while also providing a fun and rewarding experience. Leaderboards allow users to compare their performance with others and strive to climb the ranks, increasing motivation and engagement. Additionally, Tournaments & Leaderboards can provide a new revenue stream for game developers by allowing them to charge entry fees or offer rewards for top performers.

How it works

  • To get started with Playdex's Tournaments & Leaderboards, game developers can simply create a new tournament and set custom settings such as tournament format, game mode, and duration.
  • Users can then sign up and compete in the tournament, with their performance tracked automatically by our platform.
  • Game developers can then reward users based on their performance or simply recognize top performers on the leaderboard.
  • Playdex's platform also offers advanced analytics, allowing game developers to track tournament performance and engagement metrics.


  • Customizable tournament settings, allowing game developers to create a wide variety of tournament formats and game modes.
  • Advanced analytics, allowing game developers to track tournament performance and engagement metrics.
  • User engagement tools, including notifications and reminders, to keep users engaged and motivated.
  • Easy integration with existing games and platforms, making it simple for game developers to get started with Tournaments & Leaderboards.
  • The ability to monetize tournaments and offer rewards for top performers, providing a new revenue stream for players